SutureSkin – Available for sale

Simulating human skin for suturing can be a major inconvenience for students and medical professionals who end up using unsuitable materials to practice. Thinking of it, the SutureSkin developed an artificial skin for the simulation of suture. The product simulate layers of skin, fat (subcutaneous) and muscle, which provides a very close experience to reality.

The product can be used countless times and has your adjustable voltage technology patented. SutureSkin can simulate from 8 up to 30 consecutive sutures – depending on the technique. It has a portable size that makes SutureSkin essential to all healthcare professional, and provides the development of the surgical genius of our clients.

Technical characteristics:
Material: Silicone polymer 100% non-toxic and odorless.
Weight: Approx. 100g
Dimensions: 8cmX8cm or 10cmX14 cm

*Product available for sale.